5 Cool ticker plugins for WordPress

5 Cool ticker plugins for WordPress

Tickers can do a great job to enhance your blog’s beauty. By the help of these news tickers you can show the latest news about your blog at the top of your blog pages or any where you want by which your users will be able to find the latest about your blog.

Or you can use them to promote your content by adding them just below header.

Today I will share some of the best plugins that will help you to place attracting and cool tickers on your blog.

JQuery News Ticker

JQuery news ticker is one of the best plugins you can have to put these small tickers on your blog. You can place ticker any where on your blog by the help of this plugin.

First you need to install the JQuery News Ticker plugin on your blog then go to the widget area and drag and drop the widget where ever you want

jquery-news-ticker screenshot 3

Or copy the code which should look like this:

<?php newsticker( $group = "", $title = "", $direction = "", $type = "", $pause = "", $speed = "" ); ?>

and paste it on your theme’s php function(add the relevant group number in $group = “” tag) or if you want different tickers on different pages and posts then your code should look like this :

[jquery-news-ticker group="GROUP1" title="News" direction="ltr" type="reveal" pause="2000"]

Replace group1 with relevant group or if you are using group 1 then don’t change it.

How to Create a Ticker?

To create a new ticker go to settings section and below it you will find JQuery News Ticker button as shown below:

jquery news ticker


Click on it after which a new window should appear where you will find Add new button as shown below:

jqueyr news tickers 2


Click on it and fill the field with relevant information and don’t forget to add the link in the ticker where you want your user to go after he clicks on the headline. After doing all the work correctly click on Submit button.

To know further more about the Jquery ticker plugin read this

Download : Live Demo

Just Ticker

Just ticker is a great option to add a cool and attracting ticker on your Blog. It is my favorite plugin that is the reason why I am using it.

If you want the live demo of this plugin then put your eyes on the bottom part of my blog. You can also have this kind of cool ticker for your blog by installing Just ticker.

Just install the plugin on your blog and then make further optimizations according to your need. For example how many posts you want to show on the ticker and what should be the visibility time.

You can also improvise fade in and fade out timing by visiting the Just Ticker Option page. For this Go to Settings==>Just Ticker Option and make adjustments.

just-ticker screenshot 2

Don’t try to mess with Active option, let the tick stay where it is. Don’t deselect it or your ticker will disappear from your blog.


News Headline Ticker

This is one of the very first plugins which I used when I started my very first Blog. News Headline Ticker is one of the simplest and easiest plugins to install. You can install this plugin easily on your blog to get a cool ticker.

This plugin will install a cool ticker just below menu which will show the latest posts of your blog.

To get this ticker first install the plugin and activate it. After activating it a new window will appear which should look like this:

news-headline-ticker screenshot 1

You can make several adjustments here for example: Effect type, Border radius size, Label text, Label text color, Background color, Text Color and Text hover color.

After making necessary adjustments, it is time to make our first ever ticker. For this search News Headline in the menu and below it you will find “Add New Headline button”, click on it and make your headline.

news headline ticker


After making the headlines get the source code and paste it in your theme php function.

Download : Live Demo

Rapid Nice News Ticker

It is a new but great ticker plugin. The interface of the ticker will be cool and you will have as many features as you want.

You will get 5 different effects for your ticker which you can watch yourself by clicking on Live Demo button.

Just copy this code:

<?php do_action('[news_ticker]'); ?>

and paste it in your theme’s php function.

You can also use several other shortcodes which you can find on the plugin’s official installation guide.

Download : Live Demo

 T4B News ticker

One of the most coolest plugin you could ever had to install a ticker on your Blog. T4B News Ticker is one of the finest plugins I have ever seen in my blogging career.

It is easy to install and will enhance your blog’s beauty.

First install the plugin on your blog and then activate it. After activating the plugin you will find Ticker settings in the menu just below Settings button.

ticker settings1
After clicking on ticker settings, the settings page will appear where you will find a button like this:

ticker setings area t4b

Click on + and enable news ticker by checking the the blank field or if you just want to show the ticker on your homepage then tick Show in Homepage Only.

Give a title to your ticker, choose animation effects, adjust animations speed, enter the time which should be taken before appearance of another ticker and finally select the ticker type.

After doing all the work correctly, click on save changes button.

You can also place your tickers on other parts of your blog by pasting this code on your theme’s php source:

<?php if(get_option('ticker_news')){ if(function_exists(t4b_show_news_ticker())) { t4b_show_news_ticker(); } } ?>

Or if you want your ticker on some specific pages and posts then use this code:

<?php do_shortcode('[t4b_ticker]'); ?>

Sorry there is no Live demo available but you can have a basic consideration of how you ticker will look like by watching this image:

t4b-news-ticker screenshot 4



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