Russia Attack Kyiv-Ukraine with Missiles

Russia targeted Western army supplies for Ukraine on Sunday, calling airstrikes on Kyiv destroying tanks that were provided to Ukraine from abroad, as Vladimir Putin cautioned that any Western assistance of rockets with a long-range would provoke Moscow to attack “places that we haven’t attacked yet.”

Ukraine stated that the airstrikes on Kyiv hit a repair shop for trains. Besides that, buildings were destroyed in the eastern city of Druzhkivka by Russian missiles which caused one person dead, it was said by Ukrainian bureaucrats. Locals of Ukraine shared that waking up to the noise of rocket missiles, with glass and rocks falling everywhere around them.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that the missile strikes were aimed to obliterate workshops and factories in the eastern Ukraine Donetsk area, including the Druzhkivka area, where military gears for the Ukrainian army were being repaired.

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In the interim, the General Staff of Ukraine said from the Caspian Sea toward Kyiv militaries of Russia fired up to five X-22 plane rockets, and one of them was obliterated by Ukraine’s air defenses. Four more rockets were aimed and fired at groundwork facilities but the Ukrainian government claimed that there were no fatalities.

Energoatom, Ukraine nuclear plants are operated by them stated that one of the rocket missiles blasted near South Ukraine Nuclear Plant also called Pivdennoukrainsk Nuclear Power Plant, around 220 miles distance from the south. Luckily no catastrophe took place, as there were strong chances if a small fragment of missile goes for the facility it would have been a disaster.

No military gears were stored in the Eastern Kyiv repair plant where Russia fired four missiles claimed by the Ukrainian government, beside that no remaining item or material could have been where the missiles were fired.

Serhiy Leshchenko, who is an adviser and works for the Ukrainian president’s office said that no tanks or military gears were stored there, you can visit the place and witness it yourself”. 

A state counselor said on a national news channel that military tactical buildings were also targets. AP journalists saw a structure under fire in an area close to the rail repair plant which was destroyed. Two locals of that area said the building shaped like a warehouse from where the smoke was released was a facility used to repair tanks.

Police were trying to impose restrictions so no one can get access as the Ukrainian military officials made it clear to ban clicking pictures of that site.

In a TV interview that was broadcasted on Sunday, Putin fulminated at deliveries of arms to Ukraine, saying they plan to draw out the conflict.

“This planning of more deliveries of arms, as I would think, has just a single objective: to prolong the war much as could be possible,” Putin said. He claimed with such planning nothing is going to change what is happening with Ukraine’s administration.

In case Kyiv gets rockets that are long-ranged, Putin stated, Moscow will “aim for the proper end of the war and use our ways for obliteration, which we have a lot of, to strike at those places that we haven’t targeted yet.”

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