Best Texting Apps for Android and iOS that you should use in 2018

June 1, 2018
Best Texting Apps that you should use in 2018

This new era is for the teenagers, who know how to tackle with their social media handles and what is expected out of it. With this thinking or dawning made me recall a video on Facebook, where a girl appears for an interview and during her interview, she is constantly seen on her mobile phone.

The interviewer, an aged man tells her that her resume is quite impressive and her being skilled in new tech apps makes things easy for the job she is interviewed for.

She is asked about being proficient in Excel or PowerPoint to which she gives a negative reply but tells the other person that she is very much aware of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube and so on. On her not mentioning Facebook the interviewer thought she might have forgotten to mention it, she says with a loud huh, ‘Facebook is for old people like my parents’.

This video for a moment made me think that this might be the same thinking of my fifteen-year-old. Who would take me as old chap as I use a lot of Facebook too?

The new apps for texting, audio and video calling has given a lot of opportunities to the youngster to share or maybe worse. These different apps are used for different purposes especially when there is a need for connecting with others.

This young age requires a lot of facilities provided by not only one but lots of apps which can encourage them to share gossips or share a secret or maybe want to stalk a crush or what so ever.

We have listed here few apps which can make the teenagers get the advantage of discussing their long and short talks, hang around without physically being with the friends every time.

Snapchat –

Snapchat – texting app for youth

This app is quite in for use as it makes people upload pictures and videos with time set for people to view it before they disappear. The fun sharing light moments are a major source of attraction.

Teens pay more attention towards the snapchats that they receive, as they know that it will not stay there for long. The various filters are one of the charms which keep on making people keep on using it on regular basis.

Yik Yak –



This is a chat app which is used to send photos and texts to the people in the nearby location. The young minds want to explore a lot of stuff and people. For this purpose, this app is the perfect connection.

Talking to the students of other schools and teachers is also one of the possibilities while being on this app. The app gives the free feeling to come in contact with the other people of their age and let the app deliver what is desired. It is one of the secured apps which can carefully be managed with the digital trails.

Burn Note –

 burn note- secure texting app

This is somewhat similar to Snapchat as after a set time period the messages gets erases of its own. The limit of using texts is the charm of the app as no pictures or video sharing is possible using the app.

Revealing only one-word display at a time let customers fell more secretive as compare to other similar apps.

Line –


It is another text, video, and voice messaging app which somewhat enhances the social media element where group chats are possible. It provides the most needed teen-friendly elements which include 10,000 plus stickers along with the wacky emoticons.

The easy way of texting and video calling without having to pay anything is a source of attraction. The app also has a feature called ‘Hidden Chat’ which is just like Snapchat’s disappearing messages.

Whisper –


It is one of the social confessional apps that let teenagers and other users post whatever is on their minds. With the confession, you can add a background image and keep on sharing it with the Whisper community.

The app mentions the age limit of the users which is seventeen and older to let their heart speak out without any repercussions. It has proven itself as cathartic in every way possible.

Though there are most teens that prefer sharing day-to-day moments with their social groups, there are possibilities of unintended consequences when teens think that their messages disappear forever which is not the case.

The things sent online never truly go away. It is advised that parents keep a closer look on the activities of the kids especially teenagers who are easily diverted to the wrong directions not meant for them.


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