Live Escort Review – Useful or Not?

live escort review

If you’re looking for an app to pair with a radar detector then the “Escort Live Radar App” is one option to use. But is it really useful or will it cause you trouble with law enforcement?

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We are here to give you all the information about the app with our detailed review conducted by our experts.

Escort Live Radar – Introduction

Escort Live Radar is an app developed by Escort, Inc. which you can use on your smartphones. This app allows you to detect any police appearance in real-time when you’re driving on the road. This app can be used with a radar detector.

By using this app you will get access to a complete database of the locations where you’re driving. By complete database, we meant the road conditions, cameras, police, and all other conditions.

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If you don’t have the Escort Radar Detector in your car, you can still use this app on your Android and iPhone.

What does it cost?

This app is free to download which means anyone can download it for free. But if you’re looking for additional useful features of the app then you’ve to pay $49.99 for the one-year premium membership.

By subscribing to the premium membership you will get all the additional, very useful options which in our consideration is a pretty great deal.

Free Membership Features (Basic Features)

The basic free version of the Escort Live Radar has a lot of useful features including speed trap alerts which allow you to detect police presence on the road. This feature will help you to decrease your odds of getting pulled over by cops when you’re spending on the road.

Another useful feature is the fixed-position alerts that help you to get all the information regarding the cameras installed on the roads. That helps you to know all the camera’s location so that you do not get caught on the camera when speeding.

Moreover, there is a dashboard and map views, which allow you to identify intimidations quickly so you can customize your driving practices. You will receive voice alerts when you’re entering a known threat area. These voice alerts are very precise and quick, allowing you to react respectively.

The app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage all the app settings with your device. You can manage all the alerts and notifications with ease.

Furthermore, you can share all the received alerts to the entire community of the Escort Live Radar app’s users. This is the best feature of the app and it also helps to update the database of the app so that every app user will be safer on the roads.

Additional Features (Premium Membership Exclusive)

Premium membership costs $4.99 per month. So if you’re prepared to pay the amount then you will get additional features that can be very helpful.

The Premium version of the app allows you to get real-time threat alerts from other app users that are within your area of driving. This information will be much accurate than the basic version’s information and will help you to get safe from the tickets.

Also, you will get color-coded warning alerts which help you to categorize the threat level. Moreover, you will get access to the entire database of Escort Nation.

If you’ve paid for Premium Subscription Service, then you can use all these useful features daily without any limit which can be very useful if you’re on road.

Updated Database with Cloud Technology

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Cloud technology is used by the Escort Live Radar App which allows users to make contributions to the database. This helps other users to get both crowd-sourced alerts and sensor alerts at the same time.

These cloud servers are safe and reliable and help to increase the overall value and effectiveness of the app. This service allows users to participate in the donation of data which makes Escort Live Radar great from other apps.

24/7 Customer Support

Every user of the Escort Live app will get access to live chat for any help or query. This service is always available and anyone can use it 24/7 without any hesitation. Other than that there is a toll-free number and email for customer support.

You can use both of them for any question related to the app and its use. Keep in mind that both of these services are not available 24/7 and can take time for a response.

Our team has conducted the test, and as the result, we can say that the app offers reasonably extensive and competent customer support.

Live Escort Review – Users’s Feedback

If you’re going to use an app, it’s good to check its review first so that you can get a better understanding of the app and how it works.

The overall reviews of the Escort Live Radar are good and users are happy with the app as it helps them to get safe from the tickets while they are on the roads. This app has a lot of offers and has very unique and useful features such as red light camera alerts, speed cameras alert, and much more.

The basic version of the escort app has all the fundamental features in it but if you are looking for more advanced features then we recommend you get an escort live premium membership. This will allow you to get all the additional and very useful features like more precise red light cameras alert with the colored icon indicating threat levels, map navigation, and much more.

It will also tell you the speed limit of any particular road on which you’re driving so that you can adjust your limit.

Overall Escort Live Radar is a great option for those who need a free radar detector app. This app is particularly the best and has every feature to save you from police tickets.

Also, the overall interface of the app is easy to understand and user-friendly so that beginners can easily use it without any hurdle.

The Advantage of Defender

By downloading the app you will experience the Defender Advantage by simply getting access to the world’s most comprehensive, most precise database of confirmed camera locations and warnings. The Defender Database is updated weekly for Canada and the United States to alert you for red light cameras, speed cameras, air patrol zones, mobile cameras, and normal speed limits.

All You Need to Know About Radar Detectors

Now as we talk about the Radar detectors apps, we also have to know about the radar and how it all started?

In the early fifties, the traffic radar appeared for the first time. People use to counter it by flashing headlights to inform others. It was not that technical but it worked. Then in the seventies, the CB Radio came to being and created an immediate center of Smoke Spotters. But that rage soon depreciated, defeated by senseless chatters and ineffective reports. Something strong was needed clearly.

Thanks to the ascending growth in the internet and smartphones that need was fulfilled. Escort Live harnessed the combination and created models that can be useful and compatible with most of the Escort radar detectors.

In the beginning, the old escort models like Max, X70, Redline, and Passport 9500ix require an Escort live power cord, These models have Bluetooth that links them to a mobile device, allowing the detectors to use the smartphone’s GPS.

Later on, new versions came out like Passport Max 360c, Escort Redline 360c, Redline EX, X80, and Passport iXc which didn’t need a special power cord for the connectivity. These models have a built-in Bluetooth that can be paired with smartphones directly.

The Max 360c, Passport iXc, and Redline 360c also have the Wi-Fi option. Once the detector is connected to a car’s Wi-Fi, it can automatically connect to the application without the use of a smartphone or Bluetooth.

Other informative articles you may like to read:

Types of Power Cords for Escorts

For the older Escorts, two types of cords are offered. A coil SmartCord that can be plugged into a power-point and another one was the Direct Wire version that directly links to the car’s electrical system.

Almost No Speeding Ticket Guarantee

The Escort Inc. offers a 1-year guarantee for almost no speeding ticket and claim to pay you the amount if you ever get caught for over-speeding while using their radar detectors. But there are certain conditions for the procedure.

  • This Guarantee is only applicable for the Redline 360c, MAX 360c, MAX 360, Escort iX, Redline EX, and Escort iXc.
  • These models should be directly purchased from Escort Inc. via their toll-free number or from their e-commerce website
  • Tickets can be compensated only for the 1 year after the purchase date.
  • This guarantee is only available for the laser detected and radar speeding tickets.
  • The guarantee is completely excluded from the tickets issued in connection with any one of the following violation of the traffic – racing, driving while intoxicated (DWI), reckless driving, driving while under the influence (DUI), school or construction zone violations, or any other similar violation under proper state, federal or local law.
  • There is no payback for the late fees, attorney fees, penalties other than laser detected or radar speeding violation, or increased insurance premiums.
  • This guarantee is totally not valid in the State of Virginia, the District of Columbia, and any other region where radar detection devices are banned by the law.
  • Guarantee is only available for the original purchaser of the product and not for anyone else.
  • Applicant for the refund ticket amount should be 18 years old and should have the driver license.

If all the terms and conditions are meant, then all you need to do is to provide few documents to the company for a payout.

  • Copy of the speeding ticket (which should clearly classify that the ticket was drawn for a laser detected or radar speeding violation)
  • Signed and complete copy of the Escort Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee Request for Reimbursement.
  • Ticket Payment’s proof (Court receipt, money order, or the copy of both sides of canceled cheque)

Free Shipping at Escort Inc.

If you’re ordering some things that cost $299 or more, Escort Inc. will ship your item for free. Because they want you to focus on the road and not on the amount of shipping.

How to use Escort Live Radar App?

Escort Live App is easy to use and the interface is user-friendly so that any beginner can use it without any problem. All you need to do is download the app from the Google PlayStore for Android, or from Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device.

Once done, connect it to the radar detector and start dodging police car, speed radar, and other thing that can cost tickets to you.

It’s almost like any other navigation app but with more precise and refined information for you on your smartphone thanks to the large community of users that helps to update the defender database. You will see threats, and alerts on your mobile screen which helps you to adjust your speedometer accordingly to the average speed limits of any road.

FAQs about Escort Live Radar Detector

Q. Does the Escort Live app is free to download?

A. Yes, it’s completely free to download and use. But you can pay for a premium membership if you want to.

Q. How much will the premium membership cost?

A. It will cost you around $4.99 monthly and almost $49.99 yearly.

Q. On which devices can I download it?

A. The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. So no matter if you’re using an iPhone or any other Android device you can download it on them.

Q. Is there any speed limit alerts on the app?

A. Yes, there is a feature that will tell you the average speed limit of the road on which you’re traveling.

Q. Is Escort Live Radar Detector accurate?

A. We have conducted some tests, and as the result, we can surely say that it’s 98% accurate and can save you from red light and tickets.

Q. What is The Defender Advantage?

A. The Defender Advantage program allows users to shares their data with each other through cloud technology. That’s why the app’s database is so strong because it has some user base information that allows you to get real-time alerts and notifications.

Q. How many people downloaded the app?

A. This app is popular among the people and almost 500,000+ people have downloaded the app from the Google PlayStore.

Q. Will Escort live app drain my battery?

A. Unfortunately yes, it will drain your battery terribly but you can always shut the app by going to the phone settings>application and press the “Force Shutdown” button.

Q. Why the Escort live app is not working on my smart phone?

A. This smartphone app requires the latest version of Android and iOS. If you’re an android user then your Android version should be 5 or above and if you’re an iOS user then your version should be 11 or above.

Final Remarks

As for the final remarks we would like to say that this app is useful in many ways. One way or another it can save you from the tickets and thanks to the large network of users you will always get the real-time alerts that help you to get safe from the police and tiering tickets.

You can connect it with your mobile GPS through Bluetooth and can access all of its functions from your smartphone. The integration process is very easy thanks to the user-friendly interface which makes this app the best of all others.

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