How to Increase your Blog traffic by using BlogEngage?



How to increase your Blog traffic by using Blogengage?

For a success of a Blog a Bloggers needs traffic, Traffic which can be converted in sales, traffic which will stay on the website for a decent period. For this purpose we have smacked our heads on the wall, we tried SEO, we spent hours to find those blogs, forums and websites that are related to our niche so we can post our piece of content there. But really nothing from our hard work paid like the effort we put in sharing our Articles.

Many Blogs who have great content have no traffic. This is because of two simple reasons. One, they are very new and Two, they are not sharing their content on right platforms (i.e. Blogs, forums, Groups, Social sites).

Putting so much time to get decent traffic and not getting it some time frustrated a lot. But that’s what wrong we were doing. Why we were wasting our so much precious time on sharing our content on irrelevant pages? In result no one was even interested to look our page thus our efforts end up with nothing.

So how can we get traffic to our Blog which will be valuable in terms of low bounce rate and traffic which could be converted into sales?

Well, the easiest answer is Blogging Communities where Bloggers meet Bloggers. Only the guy from your industry can understand the value of your product. This is indeed a true. And I believe that only a Blogger can understand another Blogger’s hard work which he has put into an article. So, why not to share your content with some one who knows that what your content value is?

Today I will tell you a Society/Community which is probably the best platform for quality Bloggers to share their quality content. As I mentioned in article that Society or Community is known/familiar as “BlogEngage”.

BlogEngage is a platform where you can not only find people related to your niche but you can also find other Bloggers who have different fields.

It gives you an opportunity to not only promote your content but to convert your shared link into a sale because the traffic which you will get from there will be majority of Bloggers.

Through BlogEngage you will not just get traffic but some great quality backlinks linking to your page which are very helpful in the modern SEO world when there is nearly no way to make quality backlinks.

BlogEngage organizes many contests where you can participate.

We get guest posting opportunities on do-follow community blog.

And the best thing about it is that we can join groups where are tons of Bloggers who loves to read article about a specific subject. For Example you are an IT consultant then you may search for a suitable keyword on BlogEngage and then you have to find a perfect group which matches your Blog’s niche criteria where you can share your content with people who know the value of your piece of writing.

You can make friends, As told before you can join groups which are related to your niche, You may chat with your friends and have some private chit chat with them.

So what are you waiting for????? Get an BlogEngage account right now by just clicking here. 


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