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Harris Farm Discount Codes: Find best deals for Harris Farm

Hmm, So you are food lover and searching for a Harris Farm discount code. You can find them below, but before that that’s know few things about Harris Farm…

Harris Farm is an online grocery chain in Australia which works in 25 different locations in New South Wales, they also have a butchers’ store in Willoughby.

This supermarket is specialized in fruit, vegetables and delicatessen as well as some other grocery items. They are known as one of the biggest individual retailer of vegetables and fruit in Australia.

You would have seen many people searching for Harris Farm $40 off coupon codes. Well you would love to see Harris Farm weekly specials with such great discounts.

But before we talk any further about Harris Farm, let’s see some of their best coupons and deals for your each purchase:

Discount DescriptionCoupon Code
Get $25 off your first orders when you spend a minimum of $120. For first time customers.Reveal Code
Get $25 off on first time orders, just spend $120 and get $25 off on first purchaseReveal Code
Get a whole tray of Kensington Pride mangoes for just $24.99.View Deal

So here’s the great deal for you, it’s available for limited time so make sure to use it ASAP to get best available discount.

Harris farm discount codes 2017

How did Harris Farm Started their business?

Harris Farm was established in 1971 in a shape of a single shop in New South Wales. In 2010 David Harris, the founder planned to shift the leadership of his business to his 5 sons.

The best thing about Harris Farm is that they always come up with new innovations and concepts for the ease of customers. In-fact they are the first fruit and vegetable company who started in a Supermarket style operation.

People Behind Harris Farm

It’s a family business founded by David Harris, he also has other family members in the business including Like Harris (Co-CEO), Tristan Harris (Co-CEO). Catherine Harris Chair person and Angus Harris who is also the Co-CEO of the company.

The best thing I like about them is that if even you are not using a Harris Farm voucher, then still you have a chance to get huge deals especially if you are a regular customers.

Please take a look of their other discounts available for shipping prices:Harris Farm Shipping deals

I also to share a $40 meal plan with Harris Farm, take a look:


I got organic raw and simple oatmeal for my diet. I got this on sale in less than 2 dollars. It comes with ten pouches so that means it can go with two working week’s worth of breakfast. That might not be enough for me so I also buy bananas and if you want to add some protein to your breakfast, I would recommend bringing eggs.

So the total for your breakfast is $6.99 for the week which includes the bananas, the eggs and the oatmeal.


Recently, I visited Harris Farm online grocery store, and discovered a number of deals and discount prices on seafood and meat items. So I bought this tuna cans for lunch. Every can has two servings in it so what I like to do is, I make Tuna salad with hummus. Plus, I got prawns cans for a variety of lunch every day. I also bought organic lettuce for salad. Also, I added carrots to my diet because eating vegetable will eventually maintain a good digestion into your body and better externals outcomes. All I bought in less than 15 dollars for five


So once I have a nice and hearty breakfast and lunch. I definitely think about my dinner. I really like Italian cuisine so I bought one packet of pasta and required vegetables for it. Also I bought cheese for garnishing. I can make 10 different types of pastas to treat myself royal every day. After planning the whole week’s diet, I was still left with $5 in my pockets which initially started with $40. So with the remaining dollars, I bought juices and milk for week.

This is how I make my weekly plan in a budget which is not heavy on my pockets and anyone can afford it easily. I hope my $40 haul helped you see a better picture of how you can maintain the entire week’s diet plan with Harris Farm Australia. Also, you need to look after the sale, so whenever the prices get down, this is the best time to do the shopping of premium products.

Bottom line: You can always get a discount on Harris farm home delivery if you are a regular customer.

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