Discount Gun Mart San Diego

In San Diego, Discount Gun mart is and has been the largest Firearm training facility brand and Gun Range. We came into this business in 1982 and have been giving services to our valued customers for the last 38 years and more in form of training, firearms, ammo, and we have all the products of all brands. We have never faced ammo shortage and have always filled the firearm needs of our customers and have never sent our customers empty-handed. We have always sent our customers after fulfilling their needs of ammo and training. For further details and purchase either call our customer service as our agents are ready to help you any time. You can pay a visit by finding the nearest store through maps or can call us for any query.

About Discount Gun Mart and Gun range

Discount gun mart has a huge range of guns and ammo as according to our valued customers. Discount Gun mart is not just a shop it is a brand and we are here to fulfill all of your needs related to gun ammo and other products related to it.

The Discount Gun Mart is always ready to help you with any sort of problem regarding your pistol, shotgun, or any rifle. We’re here to provide you ammo of your need or the training you want to master your aim. Anyone is always welcomed to contact us for any query or problem. We have a 24/7 working customer care department which ensures to receive every call by our customers seeking help. Our Phone number is 619 276 8730 feel free to contact us.

We have got the largest inventory for firearms with thousand of guns and ammo in stock ready to be sold in both categories new and used. We are located in two areas. Our one outlet is located in Morena Blvd San Diego and the other is located in Magnolia Ave.

The complete address of our branch is as follow: 1510 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92110. If you lived in San Diego, you are always welcome to visit us to buy a gun, ammo or anything you want.

Our San Diego branch have a complete professional training center with the size of 3300+ square foot. There, we offer training, and instruction to groups, classes who are willing to master their aim of pistol, shotgun, or rifle. Our professional, and courteous staff is always willing to serve you.

Why Choose Discount Gun Mart?

There are many reasons for choosing us. As we have quick and easy service and customers feel cozy and comfortable shopping with us, we give gifts to our customers even to those who shop online. We provide our full information and details to our customers about Discount Gun mart and also provide our valued customers with the reviews.

In reviews, we not just show the positive feedbacks we also show the negative reviews to our customers and tell them about the changes we had made in our shop and products and ask them to give their review about us as no one is perfect but we can get toward perfection just with the help of reviews.

What we give to our customers?

We encourage our customers to give their review as they mean a lot to us and gives us a more chance to come over our mistakes which cause our customers to face difficulty and make our business go down. We want to bring our business up and get more fame among the city and state.

As some of our customers faced difficulty in finding our location so we entered the correct location of our both the shops in the map as many of the people stated that they used to go in hotels to find our shop as there are many hotels near our shop.

We offer our customers quality insurance regarding the product we’re selling to them. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and we do everything to make it possible. Our expert selling staff is always anxious to fulfil our customers need.

How we deal with the negative reviews?

Whenever, we receive a bad/negative review about our service, the first thing we do is to look into the matter and try to solve the situation. We make sure that our customer don’t face any problem while shopping with us or in the training.

If the customer have any complaint regarding our service, he/she is always welcome to give their review whether its positive or negative. Negative review allows us to see through our mistakes and fix them. This is why our business is growing stronger and stronger day by day.

Although, we never got a negative review about our product, or the item we’re selling. The most common negative review are about the time at which we are open or close. People do complaint and ask about the authentic time of our opening and closure.

Another common complaint is about the creation of an account online. People usually ask about the payment options and the account creation method. They’re mostly curious about the email address and the password.

Discount Gun Mart

We always try our best to solve our customers issues. As for an example, few days earlier we received an email in which a guy was asking for the correct name of our shop. He mentioned that his friend Chris, suggested him to the shop and get training from us. So he was curious to know about our location and information.

His problem was that he was unable to sign-up and have some issues, so he contact us and we did everything to solve his problem. We help him to get signup and give him a password and login ID from which he can log in.

We also give him our number to contact us directly so that he can call us whenever he wants to.

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