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Chemist Warehouse is the most popular internet pharmacy in Australia. The group has a huge network across Australia with more than 8000 staff which makes it the largest pharmacy retailer. Like all other Pharmacies and their practices, Chemist Warehouse Flu Shot operated with the same Australian Laws and follow standards of quality care pharmacy practices. Like many other international competitors in the market. The Warehouse does not use products that are not been approved for sale in Australia by the relevant authorities of medicines.

The objective of Warehouse is to help the customers in their healthcare through the most effective and efficient means to improve public health through a huge variety of initiatives. The immunization services of the Warehouse are aimed to provide good health to Australians by reducing the risk of getting any preventable disease.

The Warehouse presently dispatches its products through a number of sites across the country. For purchase from a retail shop. customers can visit the Warehouse branches which are located all over Australia.


chemist warehouse flu shot

One of the highly contagious viral infection caused by the bacterium pertussis is Whooping cough and flu. The virus may be spread by respiratory droplets when an infected patient coughs or sneezes. The flu virus begins with symptoms that are similar to a cold and later develops into a cough with a whooping sound. The infection may last for three months, even after the course of antibiotic treatment is over and the person is no longer infectious.

The flu virus is dangerous for babies under 6 months and it can develop fatal complications with the illness. A survey reports that in every 200 babies aged under 6 months, may result in death if gets a whooping cough, hence flu vaccination is recommended for the kids.

The best protection from whooping cough is immunization through the flu immunisation service. A booster is also recommended for adults who wish to reduce to chances of getting the virus. However, for people who are closer with the infants, flu immunization is a must.


Meningococcal Vaccine - Book a Meningococcal Vaccine

It’s a rare disease of Meningococcal but it is life-threatening which is caused by the bacterium known as meningococcal. This disease can hit the brain and spinal cord and can be very dangerous which may result in death, therefore early diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics is mandatory for the symptoms of flu. The best protection against meningococcal diseases is again immunization or flu vaccination.


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Measles, mumps, and rubella are highly contagious viral infections that may cause serious and fatal complications at a later stage. The diseases includes:

  • Measles – Pneumonia which may cause inflammation of the brain
  • Mumps – Swelling in the brain or any muscle of the heart
  • Rubella – The disease may cause in a death of an unborn baby

The diseases spread through respiratory droplets as the infected person coughs or sneezes. The best protection against measles, mumps, and rubella is Immunization which is available in a single vaccine.


For severe seasonal influenza, the following people are at most risk and they should take care of themselves prior to meet any infected people:

  • pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy, so it’s better to have immunisation in the pregnancy with doctor’s advice.
  • children younger than 5 years, should have immunisation for the flu vaccine to prevent the danger besides their annual immunisation.
  • people older than 65 years
  • people having HIV/AIDS,asthma, heart and lung diseases, and diabetes
  • people with increased risk of exposure to influenza, which includes health care workers and hence immunisation is mandatory for them.


People having flu should drink plenty of water and have maximum rest as they can. Flu is a highly dangerous disease however, the infected people can recover from flu shot within a week. Antibiotics for influenza will reduce severe complications and reduce the death option. Ideally, the antibiotics need to be administered as early as possible, most likely within 48 hours of the symptoms. Some research shows that antibiotics for flu are not good enough for influenza viruses.


Immunisation is recommended

This is a huge chance of influenza being spread quickly within people through cough or sneezes which disperse the virus in the air. Precautionary measures should always be taken to minimize the transmission of the virus by immunisation. Patients should cover their mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing and throw the tissue and regularly wash their hands thoroughly and regularly. The Warehouse also recommends people visit our frequently asked questions faq page on our website and to serve the society to minimize the diseases and review advertisements that might interest of flu immunisation and enhance your experience in terms of virus strains. The questions faq page book at our site also has a list of immunisation services and flu vaccine available at your nearby local chemist warehouse.

At the Warehouse, location accepted payment methods we use are in Cash or through Credit or Debit Card. The Warehouse also serve you with advertisements on the website and daily publications regularly.

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