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What are Best apps for Android when travelling?

We are back again after few weeks. I had a very busy schedule in previous week. But today I have some best Android apps for travelling, you can look at them. Please do share your personal feedback and your favourite Android apps with me.


Best apps for Android when travelling

In old days when people were travelling, they always needed a map to reach their destination. But gone are those days when people needed maps to reach their desired location. In this modern world of technology you have everything near you by just making few clicks.

Now if you are travelling, and let’s say that you are in Singapore for vacations, then you might want to visit some good hotels. What you can do is that you can check few on internet, do online booking and when you are in Singapore, you will need to reach your hotel. For this you can use many Android apps, but my favourite one is CityMapper.

It is a comprehensive, easy to pick and user-friendly Android app. You get a very information journey planner, maybe 10 times better than Google. However, it is only available in 30 cities across the world.



Now if you are a foreigner in any country, then you might struggle to contact local residence. Not everyone can speak English and there is a possibility that you might also not know their language. So what you can do is that you download Duolingo which is a free language learning app for Android.

You can use this app while travelling to learn the local language of the place or country where you are heading for. There is no claim that Duolingo can be a complete replacement of language classes, but you can still learn few words. At-least you can add new words to your vocabulary.

XE Currency

XE Currency

As you might know that XE is a site to do currency conversions online. This is the reason why their app is so popular on Android. This app has managed to get over 20.5 million downloads since launch. You can also make use of history currency charts, but for travellers it is the best app to do currency conversions.



Tripit can be a substitute for your travel agent. Tripit collects your travel information from your emails like information about flights, rental cars and hotels and convert them into a single journey. You will need to forward all your emails to this app and leave the rest on Tripit.

App in the Air

App in the air

You can easily track flights by using this app. It is a simple, smart and comprehensive app by nature, and you can easily take a look of your current position of your flight when travelling. Always get updated about your flight status, even when you are in the air. You can get information about boarding, take-off and landing by simply using this app.

Google Translate

Google Translator

Well, we generally use this app when using internet to translate a few things, like a French dialogue that we heard in a film. Why I am recommending this app for travellers is because you can translate a sign, a hotel’s menu or a bill by taking a picture from your phone camera and Google will translate it for you shortly.


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