Top 13 Alternative to Facebook for 2021

In recent times, Facebook users start thinking of what Facebook is doing and playing with their data. In the recent surveys conducted by different forums, Facebook has lost the confidence of Facebook users by 66% for data security and people are searching for alternative to Facebook and for some reason from Linkedin as well.

alternative to facebook

Facebook during recent years is collecting data from its users, which is quite scary and unlawful for Facebook users who care about data security. People have their personal pictures and secret messages on their mobile phones on Facebook. It is unbelievable that the phone is loaded with almost the profile of an individual and especially on Facebook.

The recent scandal of Facebook has made people more think about alternatives to Facebook and the channels where the alternative social application respects the private information and the people should have confidence that their information is not shared with any company or any organization and the platform is not a selling point like Facebook.


facebook alternatives

There is a number of other social networks and applications for messages that can be used besides Facebook as Facebook alternatives. People love to explore the other options in lieu of Facebook with the confidence that the data is not being stolen and shared with anybody like what Facebook is doing.


Here are some of the trust-worthy social networks and app as an alternative to Facebook, used to be the social media giants.


The Facebook alternative social platforms which aims to be the most rival channel of Facebook is WT Social. The logo of WT Social is all about its aim: WTSocial is the non-toxic social network which is named as one of the best face alternatives in lieu of Facebook.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has launched the app and it lacks all the date that comes from the Facebook. WT Social never sold your collected date and it also makes sure that it has privacy on what sites and data you search and viewed and never sell you data to anyone. WT Social have full control on user experience unlike Facebook account.

WT Social has also a very hard stance against the contents which misleads the user. It can easily edit the contents which has some misinformation. Further, WT Social blocked members who are not following the terms and conditions of the site. It is a fair and sincere platform which aims to focus on connecting people with easiest content options and terms.


The Facebook alternative EYEEM is a perfect platform for sharing of photos which is named as one of the best Facebook alternatives. The platform was launched in 2011, and it evolved into a big network since it launched. Eye EM started as a mobile app where users can upload and share photos through iPhone only. Now it has a digital space which is useful for both photographs as well as for businesses.

Photographers can upload their images on EyeEm and other users can interact with the uploaded photos, share them and have the knowledge of the art of photography.

The Eye Em network acts as a database for more than 100 million images of high quality. Anybody can share photos from the platform. However, Eye Em is more popular for is branding and marketing agencies.


The Facebook alternative Yubo is all about socializing and it is renowned as best Facebook alternatives social app. The platform has a unique feature of less advertising like other applications.

The Yubo platform collects some data but the most of it comes with complete options activities with a transparent policy of data collection. The privacy policy is easy for all the users to understand and the terms and conditions are visible for all users unlike Facebook account and assures it will never sell your data in cloud storage.

The Yubo focuses on live streaming. Users can create live sessions with a limit of 10 different streamers and open for number of viewers. The main page allows users to search for live streaming for their favorite topics. Yubo is aimed for young users from the ages 13 to 25.

Yubo also separates members into two different categories. The users over the age of 18 cannot interact with the younger users and it goes vice versa which makes Yubo the best Facebook alternatives as it is an ad-free channel.

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The Facebook alternative MEWE make sure the privacy at the forefront since its launch in 2014 and it is also known as The Next Generation social media. The attraction of having ad free MEWE platform makes it different from Facebook.

MEWE does not sell its users private data. The platform relies on paid services for generation of revenue. The Network also starts offering enterprise level services with some paid up features which can caters business and their collaboration.

Despite of all above optional purchases, MeWe is free for all its users. With your created account you can create posts and share your content. It also offers a secure chat system. MeWe never manipulate your status updates posts and photos and you are always secure and in control of what you see in the cloud storage and that is why it is titles as best Facebook alternatives.


The Facebook alternative Sociall is a very promising new platform for the users who are more conscious about privacy. It has all the standard features, like all other networks. Users can create posts, make friends and discover contents and post free speech as well.

The unique feature of Sociall is its approach to privacy and data collection. It keeps your posts as private as the users wants to.

Sociall is not owned by an individual and it is a decentralized platform. Your posts and information is stored at different channels and it is become impossible for hackers to access and retrieve the content of the data. This makes Sociall more secure.

Sociall don’t wishes to control the content of posts from its users. Rather, the users can moderate the site to delete or remove the content or posts that go against any community guidelines.


Another Facebook alternative decentralized platform, Friendica which also wants to provide users with more security and freedom. It is more complex than Facebook. The aim is to make it easy for non-technical users and get the features easily.

Friendica is not owned by any individual and the development is monitored by the volunteers.

The Friendica needs to be installed on a compatible system. The users can make their own Friendica server where they can connect with others with free speech. It is a great channel to connect and view posts from other people.

Due to the open-source nature, it is also allowed for Friendica users to use the platform for post on other networks as well and is an ad free platform.


In the year 2014 when conspiracy of Facebook which changes its policy on names of its members, Ello launched with the tag line as Facebook killer Social Network with the unique features of having no ads for its users and with the security of not sharing its users data to any other third party.

The Facebook alternative Ello is one of the fast grown social networks as people want to feel safe and secure about their information on platform, which unfortunately, Facebook fails to provide.

Ellos presently is a place for creative people and all types of user can enjoy the network and post free speech as well.


A Facebook alternative platform for anyone who loves anything to share and want to control over what and who they share with it. It is just like people want to do in their real life.

Vero is one of the few Social Media platforms which is available on subscription service. The Network has no ads and it does not collect data. It is completely different from Facebook. Vero collects some social networking usage data which is used to see how regular the app is being used.

One of the great feature of Vero is the usage data they collect and how it is displayed to its users. The Network also aims to address the issue of addiction of social media to minimize social networking.

Vero also aims to enhance the life of its users, and it can use the usage data they collect from its users to show them how much time they are spending in the app for managing screen time on social networking with an ad free platform.


Mastodon was recently launched in 2017 and has made an impact on the Social Media World. At the time of its launch, it was presented as an open source and Twitter competitor, but after people make their minds to leave Facebook app, Mastodon is really one of the best Facebook alternatives or twitter.

Mastodon is a decentralized alternative app at the commercial network platforms and it is now owned by any single company with ad free policy.


Steemit is Social Media platform where you can publish your posts which can be voted up or down depending on the response of the people. When the user gets high votes, users can receive tokens in the form of crypto. People are also using the Steemit Social Media platform for its compensation to the users and people on social networking can spend more of their time in using this Social Media platform avoiding fake news through any path. Facebook has become a secondary chat function path for people now.

At Steemit, users do not have to post anything and it can simply used as a news platform and users can involved in conversation of their specific interests on social networking. However, like all other networks, Steemit app avoid posting of hate speech from any path of the society.

The Network has over 10 million visits per month which is small as compared to Facebook & Twitter, however it is growing day by day, however the trust is always there that the users data can never be shared with any third party.


One of the civilized Social Media Raftr is launched in 2017 by Sue Decker, the former social networking Yahoo executive for news feed.. The vision of the platform is to create a place where conversations and unfolding stories are the primary focus. Its a place where you can connect to the communities who share the same or similar interests that you have.

Raft collects some data and personal information of its users but it is only for building the profile of the users. It never share an information with third party.

Raftr is one of the great Facebook alternatives, where users can follow news, events as per their interest on social media with the satisfaction of personal information and personal data protection, which makes it a good alternative to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and address the privacy issues.


Diaspora is also one of the user-friendly good alternatives when it comes to Facebook alternatives for social networking. It is a decentralized social network that is a nonprofit software and provides a free personal web server.

Since it is not owned by one person, it does not have any form of advertisements and corporate interference. It also does not collect any of its user’s data every day. The users are responsible for their user data and retain the ownership of user data and data protection.

One of the alternatives of Facebook, Diaspora allows its users to use whatever identity they want to use, which is unlike Facebook and social media users can use nicknames to display as their profile on the social platform without giving their phone number or email address on the app content as in Instagram.


The alternative of Facebook, Minds is opened to the public in 2015 and it is an open-source social network created by a group of three individuals. The social site is a community-owned social platform that rewards its users on their online activity through content posts or videos.

Minds monitor their user’s daily contributions and relative to the community. The rewards received by the users with the real name will be determined by the percentage across the social network which later formulates the share of the Daily Reward Pool of tokens on the social platforms.

The aim of the alternative social network, Mind is to build a foundation for freedom, transparency, privacy, and democratization and assures content and data protection of the personal data.



Signal is messaging social media alternative app which is open-source and free to use for over 2 million users. Signal is built with security and privacy, as compared to FaceBook Messenger and Whatsapp or even Linkedin for some reason.

The conservation and content of the users are 100% encrypted and ensures that the personal data of the web users are safe which makes it the best alternative to Facebook.

The message application offers all the features one can expect from a modern messaging platform. Users can send content text based messages, voice messages, photos, videos, etc. Voice and Video chats are also available on the application like Instagram.


Zom is also known as a great alternative to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. The messenger platform is available for Android and Ios devices to send messages. The platform is open source, and can be installed on the wide range of devices as like Pinterest & Instagram.

The Social Network was developed by a group of friends. The unique and interesting cartoons and stickers on the network adds a different touch to the messaging service.

Zom is one of the best networking sites with over one million users does not holds a lot of information of its users information as compared to other privacy focused application. Web users don’t even need to provide a real name, information or email address for signing it.

The Social Network also allows to send voice messages, share images and web users can even send messages and files to one another without any security breaches.


The instant messaging platform was in the brainchild of a Team which come out with an idea and the name of the end product is Tox,which is a social media giant in the real world.

Tox is an open source software which relies to safely connect its users with trusted friends and family members who can send messages to one another. All the connections are encrypted in the open source library and only the people who are part of it can view the conversation of the app web users.

In order to give more trust to its users,Tox does not have a centralized server or database. Tox focus on providing its users a safe and advertisement free platform. Users cannot be irritated with ads and feel secure as their data can be shared with anyone. Tox is a free social network platform with over one million web users which has all the features one would need to stay connected.

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