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ODONA/LTC was established on January 17, 1990 when DON’s from throughout Ohio gathered and adapted a Constitution and Bylaws. Sixty-seven founding members carried the torch to bring ODONA/LTC to its presence today.

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ODONA/LTC is the only organization in Ohio established by DON’s, for DON’s, and managed by DON’s. This is your organization!

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We welcome you to our website and hope the information contained herein is helpful. Please feel free to call our toll-free ODONA/LTC “hotline” at 866-226-3662 for more information. We look forward to having the opportunity to enhance and support you in your endeavors as a Director of Nursing in Long Term Care.

President’s Message from June 2005 Newsletter:

CHANGE – IT IS A-COMING! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about all the change I can handle in this industry. It just never ends does it? As I wade through the stack of mail that crosses my desk daily from ODH, CMS, OHCA, AHCA, ANA, ONA…. the list of acronyms is getting so long I’m starting to forget what they all stand for!!! Early stage Alzheimer’s? Information overload? Resistance to change? Just had enough and don’t care anymore? I hope not, but see how much we all need to support each other. I love long term care and what I do. I do make a difference. Sometimes with the bickering that goes on among departments and individuals I wonder. It often seems that between being a babysitter, surrogate Mom, confidant, sounding board, or punching bag nothing else gets done and “Hey”, it comes with the job. Right? My point is that if a DON who has been in the industry for 25+ years is overwhelmed and disheartened at times, then how much more so the “newbees” among us.

At a seminar I attended recently the speaker spoke about quality and shared some insightful information on how to get there. Of course without your entire staff and management team on board nothing is going to work. The thought that I liked the most was that in long-term care today we have to focus on NOW. Often people say things like “This is the way we’ve always done it”, “Our previous DON didn’t make us do it that way”, “We never did it like that before”, etc. focusing on the past, not on the present or the future. The point was… use what you learned in the past, apply it to the present, and plan for the future. GUESS WE GOTTA CHANGE, GUYS!! AGAIN!! It is also true that if you are not changing you are repeating yesterday and you’re going to get left behind. That’s kind of the truism behind next year’s convention theme. Yes, it’s in the works already. More to come on that subject at a later date.

Thank you to all who attended this years ODONA convention. We had a great time, learned some, laughed some, and ate lots of good food. Ummmm. The evaluations were very good and the board is looking forward to planning another great learning and networking experience for next year. Thank you to all the local DON groups out there. You are doing a great job! It was good to see those of you who stopped by our booth at OHCA, and we hope the winners of our drawings enjoyed the leather totes and goodies.

A reminder to all of you – the ODONA Board meets in Columbus on the 4th Wednesday of the month and anyone interested in attending can contact the ODONA office for more information – we welcome any of you to come to our meetings! We do have three new board members who are profiled inside. Have a super summer. Enjoy.

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Nancy George, RNc/DON
President, ODONA/LTC

2006 ODONA Convention!
February 26th, 27th & 28th 2006
Clarion Dublin Hotel, Columbus
Watch for Details!