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Top 10 Best Mp3 Music Downloader Android Apps For Free Music Download in 2017

There are numerous Music Downloader apps available on Play store for Android. If you use to play tons of mp3 and mp4 files daily, then today’s resource is a win win for you. Normally, people love to keep browsing music sites to search and download mp3 music or other sort of mp3 and mp4 files to either play music online or offline.

Gone are those days when there was a requirement to first download music to your PC, now when we have much more smarted gadgets like Tables and Smart Phones we do not need to download music to PC. You can now download music to your Android phone no matter where ever you are. You can also stream music online without downloading it. Today we are going to share some dedicated Android Music Apps that will ease your hassle to search music online. We have some great music download apps for United States’ users too.

Top 10 Best Mp3 Music Downloader Android Apps For Free Music Download in 2017

Listening music is a sin in many religions. Music is considered as a magic that can hold your mind and make you thing and feel the way the musician wants. For example, a pop song can make you dance even when you are depressed or lazy. Similarly, a sad song can make you feel cry even when you are in a good mood.

According to researchers, music has a great impact on human brain and can temporarily change the way you think. Please note this advice before start listening music. The idea behind this post is to just share audio file players that you can use to play any kind of audio formats like mp3, mp4, vlc and other formats.

I have already shared two quality resource about “Best Music Downloader Apps for Android Free” and “What are Best Free Music Streaming Apps“, but since we are moving into a new year, I thought that it would be great to write a new article about Music Downloader Apps for Android in 2017.

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android in 2017

So here our list of Best Music Download Apps start, we have tried to be very honest and impartial, please do share your favourite apps in comment section if you have your own ones.

1. Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads - Top 10 Best Mp3 Music Downloader Android Apps For Free Music Download in 2017

Free Mp3 Downloads was my first choice again as a music download app for Android because it has many extra-ordinary features. You can search and download or listen mp3 files directly online. There is also a list of “free to listen” music that you can listen for free. If you have basic knowledge of using an Android Phone, then you can easily use this app to download music online.

2. Simple Mp3 Downloader

Get Free Simple Mp3 Downloader for Android - Music Downloader Free - Best Music Downloader for Android

Simple Mp3 Downloader is another popular mp3 music downloader app for Android which allows you to download unlimited songs in mp3 format as well as mp4 and other formats too. Yon can use this application for both tablets and phones. Like the first app, Free Mp3 Downloads, Simple Mp3 Downloader also has user-friendly interface.

You can also use the search tab to search tons of mp3 music files of different genres, albums and artists. You can download them by just making a single tap on your screen. Later, you can search all your download files in your collection.

3. Mp3 Music Download

Best Mp3 Free Music Downloader for Android - mp3 music download for android


Mp3 Music Download is a highly rick mp3 music download Android app in terms of features. It can be counted as one of the best music downloader online. It allows you to download, listen and search different genres of music. You can use this app to play several kind of audio files including mp3 and mp4 formats. You can search through the million list of mp3 files to get your desired track.

You can also find lyrics of the songs that you are listening by using this free Android Music downloader app. There is also an auto-suggester along with the app that helps you to choose songs wisely.

4. Music Download Paradise for Android

Music Download Paradise Free Mp3 Downloader Android App - Best Music Downloader - Free Music Downloade

Music Download Paradise has become a very popular search engine for Android to download music and sound effects to your Android tablets and Smartphones.

Music Download Paradise also allows you to search other sound tracks such as Android ringtones, short clips so that you can download them. Music Paradise Pro is a premium app that can be purchased for ad free experience as well as to get access to their premium library.

5. SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader is a very powerful mp3 downloader app for Android that gives you the access to thousands of mp3 and mp4 tracks and allows you to download them to your Android device easily.

SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader can also be used to stream songs or listen music online to your Android device without downloading them to your phone.

6. iTube Mp3 Music Download

iTube - Music Download apps for Android

iTube Mp3 Music Download should be your favorite app to download free music to Android quickly and easily. The music on their library is not copyrights protected, so you are allowed to download the music without any hesitation. You can also download from other public sites that allow music download.

Like other apps in this list, iTube Mp3 Music Download also allows you to download mp3 and mp4 music files easily by just searching and tapping the download button.You can also use this app for downloading mp3 Youtube files.

7. Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft - Best Mp3 Music Download apps

Music Mp3 Download Free Copyleft is another fantastic music downloader app for Android with many features that include online music streaming, downloading music files to your Android device as long as you have an internet connection.

 You can listen or download free songs without spending a penny that are available under Copyleft creative commons license. It is one of the best music download apps among the other alternative apps available for Android.

8. Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader

Music Maniac- Best music download apps

Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader is a fantastic Android App that gives you the opportunity to download tons of free mp3 tracks to your Android device directly. You can later listen those tracks on offline mode.

The idea behind Music Maniac is to give the access to common audience to the premium songs that are popular and most demanding for free. They have a large database that is free accessible via their app and if you are lucky enough, then you may get some premium tracks for free

9. SoundLoad MP3 Download

Soundload - Best free Music Download apps for Android

SoundLoad Mp3 Download is a very powerful mp3 music downloader app for Android that is available for all Android users by Soundload. It is a premium Android music downloader for public but it still lets you search and buy mp3 music online.

Once you have bought the song, you need to download it to your Android device. You still get a ton of free to use music that you can get for free.

10. 4Shared Music

4Shared Music is yet another popular Android music downloader app. It allows you to search your favorite tracks, create a playlist, add your favorite tracks and download new music. You can also use this app on offline mode for listening downloaded mp3 files.

4Shared Free Android Music Downloader - Best Android Cloud Music Downloader Free - Music Downloader App

You get 15 Gb of free storage for downloading music, you can then upload music from your Android device to your 4shared storage.

The Final Conclusion From ArticlesTeller

Before choosing any Android app for downloading app, you need to ensure that it has a good track record and decent feedback. There is a history of Mp3 Music Downloader apps that were deleted from Google Play Store because they weren’t safe enough that is why they were removed from the Google Play Store.

The above listed apps are chosen after some research and have a good and reliable history of safety and security. So you easily go to the links and download these music downloader apps now.

However, the Android apps that I have shared to download music are reliable, safe & secure as well as fast. So you may easily download latest mp3 music fastly on Android and enjoy unlimited music.

P.S: Please let me know if I missed any of your favorite Music Download Apps by posting a comment.

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