2 Ply Face Masks At Discounted Prices

2 ply face masks, 3 ply facemasks

We Are Offering 2 Ply face mask in Pakistan to protect yourself from Coronavirus.

Our masks are locally manufactured and have high-quality. Each mask is of 60 GSM which makes it much thicker than the normal Chinese facemask.

Using our local brand is beneficial since the masks are authentic & there is no chance of delivery of any sort of tempered or used mask which was used on Coronavirus patients.

Locally manufactured Coronavirus prevention facemasks are much more reliable since they have been manufactured here and held under great safety, unlike Chinese facemasks which came from the place where the pandemic started from.

Contact us now at husnain@articlesteller.com if you would like to order our facemasks.

International customers can also contact us by using the same email.

For WhatsApp, please connect with us by using this phone number: +923329206576